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This story is about Rex. The President of American Classic Pizzeria Co.. He is reluctant to stand in a spotlight, but the webmaster finds his story fascinating. We sat down with Rex to reminisce about his life in the pizza business.

Our story begins more than 40 years ago. In 1978 Rex graduated from high school in Huxley, Iowa. Shortly after he graduated he went to work for Paul Revere’s Pizza in Iowa. Paul Revere’s was owned by Richard Mueller. “Dick” took Rex under his wing. Rex and Dick remained friends for many years until his passing. Rex worked for Paul Revere until 1980 when he moved to Montana to help his grandparents.

In 1982, Rex was involved in founding of Stageline Pizza. Stageline Pizza still exists in a variety of locations. Rex’s father came to Montana and was involved in the growth of Stageline and eventually Rex’s Aunt’s Mimi, Dorothy and Irene became involved with the pizza business. At one point there were 15 locations for Stageline Pizza in Montana. There are many still going strong.

Over time Rex’s Aunt Dorothy’s locations changed their names to Rosa’s Pizza. They have locations in many parts of the country, with a strong presence still in Montana. Rex’s Aunt Irene has Nitetrain Pizza in Minot North Dakota and his Aunt Mimi has a Rosa’s in Fessenden, ND. His sister Angie owns Angela’s Pizza in Kalispell. His brother operates the Rosa’s in Big Fork.

There are many other pizza places started by people that got there start with Rex. In 1991, Rex sold his interest in Stageline Pizza to explore the country. He ended up in Atlanta, Georgia and that is where he became a feverish Braves fan. He spent time with the pizza company “The Mellow Mushroom”. He also worked again for his mentor Richard Mueller again. Dick had started American Classic Sub and Pizzeria in Atlanta and when that closed, Rex asked Dick if he could use the name American Classic Pizzeria. Rex returned to Montana in the mid 1990’s and returned to manage a Stageline Pizza location. American Classic Pizzeria started in a the Billings Heights in October 1, 1998. With the help of his dad, Walt, ACP was born. Rex’s sister Cheri is still involved with ACP today.

Rex thanks God for his many blessings and believes that all Americans should read the bible and the constitution. 


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